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What is torrent? How does it work? Full Review

What is torrent? How does it work? Full Review

Many have client heard the name of torrent , maybe even using it. But many do not know what is torrent? Or how it works, is it illegal or not illegal? Through this writing, I will try to tell you about Torrent.

What is torrent?

When it comes to listening to the word in the world of computer technology, it refers to a computing file so that the metadata containing various information is preserved. Torrent file extensions are .torrent. Actually, there is no information about the actual file to download, but the information about the original file, such as its size, location, cryptographic hash, structure, and other information. After you download the torrent file, you will notice that it is only a few kilobytes in size. The process of torrent data/file transfer is a process that uses p2p protocol. It requires a .torrent extension file and torrent client software, such as uTorrent, Transmission or BitTorrent, to download the original file through this process. Torrent client software allows users to easily download torrent files on their personal computers.

Torrent is a popular file-sharing protocol based on peer-to-peer (P2P). It allows a large number of users to download something without relying on a single source.

How does torrent work?

Before knowing how Torrent works, please do not know how Traditional download works? Typically when we want to download something from a web site or hosting server, pressing the button sends a request to a server and then download and respond to the server request. In this system, there is usually a server or computer, ie the file exists only in one place and can be requested from multiple locations. In this case, things like bandwidth, slow motion, internet speed, and even censorship are influential on the web site. If the file is deleted from the server then no one else can find it or download it.

But the torrent does not work like this. Torrent P2P – Peer to Peer sharing method is used. There is no central control system in the case of torrents. Depending on the torrent user, not the server. That is, it is called decentralizes. Here, each user has to keep it working by uploading torrent files and downloading them. The original file is divided into smaller sections and it can be on different computers. And how the file can be found / how to make a small file with a small part 1 is written inside the torrent. In this case, every computer server in the Torrent network works as a client again. That means the file is downloaded from multiple servers in this system. As a result, fewer download requests are available and more are downloaded quickly if more servers are available.

Some words related to torrent technology

To use Torrent or to know about it, you must be familiar with some words. Here I briefly introduce you to topics.

Peer: This is actually the peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Where there is a small part of it without the full file

Seeder: When you download from Torrent and upload it equally, you are Cider. Without the cedar, torrent content cannot be downloaded. So this is the best way to keep Torrent Network properly.

Leechers: When you’re just downloading, but when you keep uploading, you’re a lacquer. Many truckers block these types of liters because the torrent is slow when the load is turned off. And you just download it but do not upload it.

Ratio: The proportion of your uploading (seeding) and download (leeching). For each file, your ratio should be greater than 1.0, which means upload as much as you downloaded.

Magnet link: Instead of downloading torrent files, the Magnet link detects files and sources as well as allows them to start downloading.

Trackers: It basically acts as a bridge tie between the physical server peer and the cider. The task of looking for different cedars, how many grams of cedar is, how many parts of it they are shared, and to help them reach the right way. Whenever you upload or download a file, a torrent tracker organizes the whole thing.

Indexers: This is basically a website that has information about torrents. That means the web site that allows torrent files to find, share and upload files are called Indexers.

BitTorrent Client: This is a program that uses BitTorrent Protocol, called BitTorrent Client. You can use it to manage your torrent files, such as upload, download, p2p connection, and torrent related statistics.

How to use torrents?

1. To download some of the Torrent Websites, you will need your torrent client software such as uTorrent, Transmission or BitTorrent, Deluge (Windows, Mac, Linux) etc. Through these, you can easily download torrent files on your personal computer.

2. Go to Torrent site for download and find your required files.

3. Then click on the download button or click on the given magnetic link.

4. If your torrent client does not start automatically, turn on manually.

5. Now, wait for the torrent to start and download the download.

6. When the download is 100%, you can open the file.

7. You see that the sidings will be written, ie when you were downloading the lecture, now you have finished downloading now you have the cadre. Continue shipping to get good ratios.

How to download torrent faster

How quickly downloading 1 torrent file depends on the care and the lecture. The more file cedar it will be and the lesser the liter will be downloaded as soon as possible. So when downloading it, you can download it quickly.

Why can the use of torrents be dangerous?
Downloading torrents will be dangerous when another peer will be able to see your IP address. Even many productions and recording companies in the developed world keep people who download torrent downloads and IP addresses to collect and report. To prevent the file from downloading, ISPs then communicate with law enforcement agencies, which can arrest operators or users.

How to use torrent safely?

Torrent sites are usually safe. But while downloading viruses, malware, if you are not careful about data theft, then you can get into trouble. Follow the tips below to protect your computer and protect yourself from harm.

Use VPN:

Every new user should use virtual private networks (VPNs). VPN encrypts your computer’s data, so it is not possible for anyone to see what you’re downloading. It allocates a false virtual IP to your computer and also ignores your geographical location, which means that you can not know where you are. Pairing involves telling your IP address. Connecting with the Virtual Private Network (VPN) will give you the opportunity to change your IP address and anonymous while downloading torrents. It is a very important tool to use while downloading torrents so that your ISP will not know what you are doing.

Use anti-virus software: Anti-virus software protects your computer from harmful files or viruses. Keep your scanner active whenever you search, download or run.

Do not download invalid files: Crack software downloads a lot of the possibilities of damaging you. So avoid them.

Is Torrent valid or illegal?

Before using torrent, it is necessary to know whether it is legitimate or not. Because the torrent file is a popular way of sharing the file, so all of them have the right to upload and download legitimate and illegal files. And so it depends on the nature of its use. There is no specific mention of the use of torrents in our (Bangladesh). However, if it breaks the copyright law, it is illegal and does not break it, it is legitimate. If you share a movie or play or pdf book without permission through torrent, then it is illegal. If you share your own video using it again, then it is legitimate. But there are many big torrent sites that are valid.

When doing torrent, always remember that you are part of a community. Give seeds as much as you can, upload uploads, help share your peer Tarantino files, and download lecturers. Hope you know about the torrent through the text. If you want to share it with friends so they can know about torrents.


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