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How to Unlocked Android Phones without password

How To Reset / Remove / Bypass / Unlock Smartphone Pattern Lock?

We keep a lot of personal information on the smartphone. And we use pattern lock to protect all those information. Every phone has built-in privacy features. The phone can be locked in different ways. Pin, be password, lock pattern or fingerprint lock. Password lock or pattern lock is one of the smartphones privacy features. Because the smartphone does not touch unwanted people, so many people lock the pattern for it.

But what if someone forgets the phone’s password or pattern lock or if the wrong pattern is locked many times?
If there is such a problem you have no option but to reset the mobile phone. Some say it hard reset because it brings back factory settings. You can unlock this pattern of smartphones in a few simple steps.
If you have forgotten the phone’s password or pattern, then there are five types of methods to open it.
Then let’s know how to reset/remove/bypass/unlock the smartphone’s lock.

No. 1: Recovery mode:

1. First switch off the phone, then remove the battery for 10 seconds.
2. Repeat the battery by pressing ‘up volume key’, ‘power button’ and ‘home button’ together until the recovery mode comes in the screen.
3. You will get 5 options named reboot data, Wipe data or factory reset, install updates, power button, and advanced options.
4. Select the second option ie the white data or factory reset option and press ‘yes’. It will take some time to complete because the mobile will be fully configured at this time. But think once before doing this. Because once you do this, all the data on your mobile will be deleted. So always keep data backed up.
5. After some time you will want to restart your phone. A little later, the home screen will float. Now you can easily set a new pattern lock to unlock the phone.

Remember this before to reset the phone.

Even if your phone unlocks this method, you will also face some problems. For example,
1. All your customized settings will be deleted.
2. The saved phone number will be deleted in the phone memory.
3. In this way, all apps and data installed on your internal memory or phone memory, except for your SD card, will be lost.
4. You will need to install the apps you need again.

No. 2: Boot mobile phone in safe mode:

If you are using a third-party lock screen, you can do this way. Hold the power button for a few seconds. Until the turn of your phone comes in the options. If you have taped off a few seconds, you will have the option to enter the safe mode. When in this mode, the screen will erase the lock screen data, uninstall and reboot, and bring the phone to safe mode.

No. 3: Unlock through Android Device Manager:

Using the Android Device Manager, you can remove or bypass the pattern lock. If you have logged in with your Google Account on your phone, then it will only be effective.
Step 1– Log in to Android Device Manager with G-mail ID.
Step 2– Once the device is connected, click the lock button. After that, the new window will come, replace the current pin, password or pattern, and ask for a new password.
Step 3– Enter a new password.

4th way: using ADB:

Only if the USB debugging option is enabled but it will work. If you keep your forehead in the forefront, then connect your phone to your personal computer, connect to the computer through ADB. Open the command prompt, type the command. adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key, then press enter. The phone will reboot, the lock screen can also be changed.

5th way: Find My Mobile Service:

If you use a Samsung phone, you can unlock the mobile phone in this way.
Step 1- Log into the Samsung account
Step 2- Click on the locked my screen option
Step 3- Set new PIN, click on the lock button
Step 4- Pin can be switched off, unlocked with new pins.

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